Across our five offices, Shumaker serves a significant number of manufacturing clients.  This numerous and diverse representation is demonstrative of the Firm’s ability to serve the legal needs of the manufacturing industry.  Whether heavy or light manufacturing, Shumaker understands the legal administrative challenges that face the manufacturing industries.  Manufacturers ask us to assist with bond financing, for expansion of manufacturing facilities, providing guidance on administrative compliance, including environmental permits and enforcement, OSHA, and claims relating to employment law and liability issues.  We consider ourselves to be general corporate counsel to our manufacturers and we know from numerous years of experience how to serve manufacturers in the most cost efficient and effective way.

What Makes Us Different

In collaboration with our client’s risk management and in-house counsel, we develop a deep understanding of all aspects of a manufacturing clients’ business.  Our insight into the various laws that apply to manufacturers help support the client with regard to financing, insurance, safety, contracts, corporate law, labor law, employment law, litigation, and environmental issues.  We meet the high demands of our manufacturing clients with prompt and responsive service.  Our goal is to provide answers for any situation facing our clients within a matter of hours. 

We routinely work with in-house lawyers as well as those manufacturers that have not reached the critical mass required in order to justify in-house counsel.  From national manufacturers shipping across the country, to local manufacturers that ship within the region, we offer a full range of legal assistance that allows us to advise on every legal concern facing our manufacturers.

Our Clients

  • We represent manufacturers, both heavy and light manufacturing.
  • Our base of manufacturer clients is national in scope and encompasses leading manufacturers of automotive, steel, glass, automotive parts, defense, tires, hydraulic assemblies, storm windows and doors, and insulated drinkware.
  • Shumaker lawyers serve as legal counsel to manufacturers with locations in most of the states in our country.

Why You Benefit

Shumaker fully understands manufacturers needs with regard to operational concerns, administrative compliance, and employee relations issues.  Our Firm takes a comprehensive approach to address any issue that arises from a global standpoint.  Whether it is a major challenge or major opportunity, Shumaker lawyers strive to meet the client’s demands in spotting any issues before they occur.

Due to the fact that we have five offices and serve clients with locations in multiple states, we have the unique ability to provide manufacturers with legal advice that is truly national in scope. 

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