The lawyers who comprise the large Shumaker REIT Practice team are knowledgeable advisers to real estate investment trusts (REITs), including Health Care REIT, Inc. (NYSE – HCN), an S&P 500 company with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, that invests across the full spectrum of seniors housing and health care real estate.  The company also provides an extensive array of property management and development services.  As of June 30, 2014, the company's broadly diversified portfolio consisted of 1,224 properties in 46 states, the United Kingdom and Canada.  Shumaker also represents other private and publicly traded REITs with varied portfolios and assets.

Shumaker’s practice is national and international in scope, and Shumaker attorneys counsel REITs in investment transactions that involve mergers, acquisitions, sale-lease backs, joint ventures and public and private capital raisings. 

Shumaker also assists its REIT clients, especially those that are publicly traded, with a wide range of other legal matters, including securities law filings and compliance, corporate governance, investor relations, executive compensation, employment law, intellectual property issues and litigation monitoring.

What Makes Us Different

With its strong transactional focus, the Shumaker REIT team is known for facilitating expeditious closings for its REIT clients by completing deals on its clients’ timetables or sooner.  Shumaker has a dedicated team of 20 professionals who make sure that nothing happens to derail an acquisition/investment or capital-raising transaction.  They do this by streamlining the process upfront and managing the transaction through post-closing.  The Shumaker REIT team approaches all of its clients’ transactions as a “partner” and evaluates its success on whether its clients’ and the clients' goals have been accomplished and relationships enhanced.    

The Shumaker REIT team’s ability to facilitate transactions for its clients is rooted in the deep real estate and capital markets knowledge that the team brings to the table, especially in transactions across the health care spectrum.  Shumaker has assisted its REIT clients in transactions involving everything from senior-housing facilities to large complex medical office buildings and hospital campuses. 

For healthcare-focused REITs, as well as for provider institutions that have real estate transactions, the Shumaker REIT team’s experience representing HCN, one of the most active public investors in the healthcare market, gives Shumaker an advantage when negotiating the terms of these complex transaction documents.

Why You Benefit

Shumaker lawyers are brought in by its REIT clients as strategic advisers.  They understand their clients’ vision and are asked to participate in its execution.  Using this insight, the Shumaker REIT team is available to advise on specific issues where legal and business concerns intersect, emphasizing up front solutions to maximize problem-free transactions. 

The breadth of the Shumaker REIT team’s vision as an adviser also encompasses partnering with its clients “out of the office,” which helps its REIT clients realize their philanthropic objectives in the communities where they do business.  In these and other ways, Shumaker’s goal is to do what its clients need Shumaker to do in order to make a difference.

Core Services

  • Serve as lead counsel in public and private capital raisings and related corporate finance matters.
  • Serve as counsel in a wide range of investment transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, sale-lease backs and joint ventures.
  • Provide up-front guidance on transactional structuring and documentation.
  • Assist with other operational issues that confront publicly traded REITs, including securities law filings and compliance, corporate governance, investor relations, executive compensation, employment law, intellectual property and litigation monitoring.

What you can expect from Shumaker

Shumaker lawyers implement their “partnering” philosophy in many ways, including the expeditious execution of transactions.  The Shumaker REIT team uses its extensive capital market experience to help clients achieve business goals on both the capital raising and investment sides of transactions.

Whether clients are interested in alternative fee arrangements or structuring in-house legal training programs for their executives, Shumaker will do whatever is needed and whatever works best for its REIT clients.  With a team of 20 dedicated REIT professionals, the Shumaker REIT team can handle large transactional needs and assist with related concerns involving the full spectrum of legal needs.  Shumaker employs a focused, collaborative approach that its clients appreciate.

Representative Experience

The Shumaker REIT team represents Health Care REIT, Inc. (NYSE - HCN) with respect to HCN's capital transactions, acquisitions, dispositions and corporate governance issues, among other matters. 

Recent Transactions

  • In the second and third quarters of 2014, lead counsel in two Health Care REIT, Inc. (NYSE - HCN) public offerings of common stock resulting in each case of gross proceeds over $1 billion, the two largest overnight primary common stock offerings in 2014 based on gross proceeds.
  • During the period 2011-2013, lead counsel in HCN's public offering of shares of common stock resulting in proceeds of over $7.7 billion, and its public offering of senior unsecured notes resulting in proceeds of over $4.3 billion. These transactions included the issuance of approximately $5.6 billion of debt and common and preferred stock in 2012, the most raised by any REIT in 2012, and a $1.7 billion issuance of shares of common stock in 2013, the largest in its sector that year.
  • During the six months ended June 30, 2014, assisted HCN with its completion of over $1 billion of gross investments, and during the period 2011-2013, assisted HCN with the completion of over $16 billion of gross investments, including transactions involving Sunrise Senior Living, Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, Genesis HealthCare Corp., Silverado Senior Living and Benchmark Senior Living.

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