Drawing upon our experience with a wide range of clients – from traditional manufacturers to electric utilities to technology companies and incubators – Shumaker has developed a solid practice assisting solar energy manufacturers with such operational issues as environmental compliance and intellectual property protection.  We also advise venture investors looking for opportunities in renewable energy production, bringing them together with photovoltaic (PV) component suppliers in need of growth financing.  Our knowledge of tax and economic development incentives is valuable to all  parties involved in this industry.

What Makes Us Different

Shumaker has the experience to be a value-added partner for photovoltaic manufacturers.  Our firm’s involvement and understanding of  the glass industry has proven  to be valuable to PV manufacturers.  Equally important are our contacts with venture investors and with governmental entities offering renewable energy production incentives, both of which are solid financing sources for industry players.  With mandates in many states for renewable power production to become a sizable portion of total electric power generation, our insight into the business of photovoltaic production can help companies take advantage of renewable energy portfolio standards.

Our Clients

  • A leading producer of solar panels and other photovoltaic arrays and components.
  • Production and research facilities.
  • Other early and mid-stage foreign and domestic producers of key solar power components, from silicone to inverters.
  • Venture funds that invest in solar manufacturing and installation capacity.

Why You Benefit

We have been involved as counselors to many participants in the solar energy field.  We have a deep understanding of the industry, and our legal insight is enhanced by our proactive view of the industry’s opportunities and challenges.  Photovoltaic energy component manufacturing has been a growth industry in the United States, but as market incentives have grown, production is increasingly moving offshore and becoming global in scope. 

High levels of capacity and the current incentive structure for demand raise issues that we can help address with our wide range of contacts in the investment fund community, and by our longtime leadership in working with governmental entities that offer economic development incentives.  Add our extensive involvement with the public utility industry and work with technology incubators, and we can help enhance competitive opportunities for any solar energy company.

Core Services

  • Transactional counsel for venture financing of solar industry companies.
  • Guidance on federal and state renewable energy incentives, including tax credits.
  • Advice on environmental issues that arise in manufacturing, such as those involving conductive materials.
  • Patent prosecution and litigation for solar component manufacturers.

What you can expect from Shumaker

In addition to guidance around tax incentives, Shumaker provides counsel on federal and state incentives for solar energy development.  The landscape for these incentives is constantly changing, and our lawyers can find ways to maximize them for industry participants.  Any company in the supply chain of panel and modular production and array installation can benefit, whether they are early stage or well established. 

Our full-service capability in corporate, tax, environmental and related areas of law means that companies in the PV sector can rely on our firm as a single source for their legal needs.

Representative Experience

  • Representation of First Solar, a spin-off  of a Shumaker client.
  • Representation of a German producer of silicone with a plant in Adrian, Michigan.
  • Representation of a venture capital fund that invests in solar companies.
  • Connected to the Regional Growth Partnership, the Ohio economic development group.

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