Events and Presentations

04.27.2017Employment Law Update: Spring 2017
04.04.2017Condoninium and HOA Board Certification Training
03.16.2017Understanding the HR Implications of the New Administration (Columbus, Ohio)
03.08.2017"Protecting Intellectual Property," presented to Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance
03.02.2017Understanding the HR Implications of the New Administration (Toledo, Ohio)
02.21.2017Condominium and HOA Board Certification Training
02.15.2017USF St. Petersburg World Affairs Conference
01.20.2017"Election 2016: Temporary or Transformational"
01.18.2017"Update on the Cuban Embargo"
12.08.2016"The Next Wave: The Government’s Focus on US Investments to Evade Foreign Taxes," American Bar Association Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and the Sixth Annual National Institute on Tax Controversy
10.26.2016Chapter 15 - Cross-Border Insolvency Issues for Trade Creditors
10.20.2016Employment Law Update: Fall 2016 (Toledo presentation)
10.12.2016Employment Law Update:  Fall 2016 - "Practical Steps to Prepare for and Comply with the New Overtime Regulations"
10.11.2016Co-Speaker, "Ethically Marketing and Developing Your Practice," Cheatwood Inn of Court
09.22.2016“Your Client Had a Data Breach, Now What?” Sarasota County Bar Association
09.21.2016Moses Luski Presented September Shumaker Legal Minute at Latin American Chamber of Commerce
07.21.2016"Payroll Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions," American Payroll Association, Toledo Chapter
07.20.2016"How Your Attorney Can Save You Money"
07/19/2016Construction Law Seminar, Charlotte, North Carolina
07.12.2016Florida Legislative Update: A Review of Important Health Law Changes in 2016
06.16.2016"2016 Healthcare Heroes Summit: Creating Wellness at Work"
06.03.2016Legal Issues in the Sharing Economy
06.03.2016"You’ve been hacked, you’ll be hacked again. Protect and Defend"
05.16.2016"Faster, Cheaper, Better: The New Standard For Dispute Resolution," International Franchise Association Legal Symposium
04.22.2016Employment Law Update: Spring 2016 - "Restrictive Covenants Use, Drafting and Enforcement of Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements"
04.13.2016"Are the New Emergency Relief Rules in Arbitration the Death Knell for Court-Ordered Injunctions Pending Arbitration?" American Arbitration Association Webinar
04.11.2016"Cybersecurity - Don’t Be Caught Unprepared," International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Phoenix, Arizona
03.15.2016"Shumaker Legal Minute"
03.10.2016YWCA Milestones: A Tribute to Women Awards Luncheon
03.08.2016"Title Insurance Commitments: Satisfying Requirements and Evaluating/Removing Exceptions"
03.08.2016"Reading Surveys"
03.02.2016"Branding: Becoming Visible and Importance of Self," Ohio Diversity Council
02.25.2016Diversity Forum
02.24.2016Featured Guest on "Charlotte:  A City of International Success"
02.18.2016National Steel Mill Group, Clearwater, Florida
02.11.2016Furniture Manufacturers Credit Association, Greensboro, North Carolina
02.04.2016"Partnership Creation And Care With No Regrets,” joint webinar with Grant Thornton
01.21.2016"IP and IPAs" presented by Douglas A. Cherry at AdFed Suncoast AdNites
01.20.2016"Responding to the Repeal of TEFRA," American Bar Association webinar
01.20.2016International Textile Credit Clearing House, Charlotte, North Carolina
01.19.2016"You Had a Data Breach. Now What?" presented by Douglas A. Cherry and Scott A. LaPorta at the Suncoast Technology Forum Techbyte Luncheon
01.19.2016"Update:  Clean Power Plan - Energy Sector:  Transformation or Regulatory Overreach?" Presented at the AHC Carbon Innovation Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona
11.20.2015"2015 Basics of Franchise Law"
11.13.2015"S-Corporation LLCs," American Bar Association, 2015 LLC Institute
11.10.2015"Women, Wine and Wealth: Managing Stress"
11.10.2015"How to Survive a Cybersecurity Breach," International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans 61st Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii
11.09.2015"An Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions: a Legal Perspective"
11.05.2015Professional Women's Network Kick-Off Event - "Bubbles and Baubles"
10.27.2015Health Care Law Update: Fall 2015
10.23.2015"New Requirements of TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures, and CFPB Compliance and Enforcement Issues"
10.20.2015Columbus Seminar - How Will Legalized Marijuana Affect My Business?
10.20.2015Sarasota Employment Law Update: Fall 2015
10.15.2015The Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals
10.06.2015Certified Bankruptcy Assistant Program
09.28.2015Women Leaders in Healthcare Law Conference
09.18.2015Employment Law Update:  Fall 2015 - "New Overtime Regulations and Independent Contractor Changes"
09.17.2015"A Practical Guide to Construction Liens"
09.12.201523rd Annual ABI Southwest Bankruptcy Conference
08.07.2015“Effective Branding Techniques and Intellectual Property Protection in the Digital Era” presented at the Florida Festival & Events Association (FFEA) Convention
08.06.2015Peter Silverman was a Panelist at PAFI / NIFA Conference
07.14.2015"ACA Reporting Overview"
07.14.2015"A View from the Middle: Navigating Career Paths and Working Effectively with General Counsel and Management," Charlotte Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel
06.29.2015Stephen Rothschild Featured Guest on WTOL News Regarding Legal Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Recognition
06.17.2015"Quiet Title Actions in Florida"
06.12.20152015 NALP/ALFDP Diversity and Inclusion Summit
06.05.2015"Litigation Management for In-House Counsel"
06.03.2015"Notable by Their Absence: Finders and Other Financial Intermediaries in Small Business Capital Formation," Presentation, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies, Washington, DC
05.29.2015"Flextime on a Partnership Track"
05.23.2015"LLC Statutory, Fiscal, and Tax Accounting – Keeping Score with the Convoluted Blend of Concepts of Subchapter K and the Reporting and Record-Keeping Responsibilities, Duties, and Liabilities of, and Planning Opportunities for, LLCs and their Management," 14th Annual North Carolina/South Carolina/Georgia Bar Associations’ Tax Section Workshops
05.21.2015“Effective Branding Techniques and Intellectual Property Protection in the Digital Era” presented at the Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organizations (FADMO) Annual Marketing Summit
05.20.2015"Church-State Relations in Public and Non-Public Schools"
05.13.2015"Franchise Law"
05.01.2015"LLC Statutory, Fiscal, and Tax Accounting – Keeping Score with the Convoluted Blend of Concepts of Subchapter K and the Reporting and Record-Keeping Responsibilities, Duties, and Liabilities of, and Planning Opportunities for, LLCs and their Management," University of North Carolina School of Law’s J. Nelson Young Tax Institute 2015
04.23.2015World IP Day Rocks Detroit on April 23
03.10.2015"Women, Wine and Wealth: Health Edition"
02.27.2015"Patient Privacy Check Up: How to Keep Your Practice Out of HIPAA Hot Water"
02.26.2015Tampa Employment Law Update: Winter 2015 - "Most Common Minimum Wage and Overtime Mistakes and How to Avoid Them"
02.24.2015Sarasota Employment Law Update:  Winter 2015
02.19.2015"Fatal Assumptions Made By Technology Companies and Start-ups" presented at The HuB
02.18.2015WLI Lunch & Learn
02.18.2015"Legal Insights on Social Media" presented to the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA)
02.17.2015"What Every Employer Needs to Know for 2015" presented at Sarasota Chamber University
01.20.2015"Status of Legal Issues of the Clean Power Plan; Implications for the Power Industry," Presented at the AHC Executive Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona
10.28.2014Turnaround Management Association, Carolinas Chapter, Charlotte, North Carolina
10.15.2014"Women, Wine & Wealth - Workplace Edition"
10.9.2014Lyon Furniture Credit Group, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
10.09.2014"Brewery Law Update"
09.24.2014Women's Leadership Initiative Networking Event
09.16.2014Association of International Credit and Trade Finance
08.26.2014"Business Bankruptcy: Executive Summary Need to Know U.S. Bankruptcy Concepts for Trade Creditors"
08.19.2014The Credit Research Foundation’s Credit and Accounts Receivable Open Forum and Expo, Denver, Colorado
08.05.2014"Payment and Performance Surety Bonds in Construction Projects: Perspectives of Owners, Contractors and Sureties"
July 2014"Estate Planning with the New NC LLC Act," 35th Annual Estate Planning & Fiduciary Law Program, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
07.16.2014The Shumaker Sports Career Development Forum
07.15.2014Tampa Employment Law Update: Summer 2014 - "Latest EEOC Guidance on Employment Applications and Background Checks"
07.14.2014"Title Law from Start to Finish:  Understand the Entire Breadth of Title-Related Issues"
05.29.2014"Crisis Management"
05.15.2014"Preservation Advocacy:  Fixin' the Process and Workin' the Program"
05.15.2014"Negotiating Coaching Agreements"
05.14.2014"Women, Wine & Wealth"

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