06.17.2016"Owner Perspective:  Key Employee Incentives—Perhaps a Phantom Approach?"  Greater Charlotte Biz magazine, April/May 2016
06.15.2016Client Alert: Top Ten Things the Health Care Industry Should Know about Civil Investigative Demands
05.18.2016Update to May 2nd Client Alert - New Overtime Rules Issued Today
05.16.2016Co-Author: "Faster, Cheaper, Better: The New Standard For Dispute Resolution," International Franchise Association Legal Symposium
05.12.2016Client Alert: New Federal Trade Secrets Law Brings Major Implications for Trade Secret Owners and Their Employees
05.04.2016Client Alert: CMS Issues Rule Proposing New Approach to Paying Clinicians for Value and Quality
05.02.2016Client Alert: Employers Should Begin Preparing for New Overtime Rules
04.25.2016Client Alert:  A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME - Implications for Brand Owners of Proposed Rule Changes in the TTAB and the Actual Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision in B&B Hardware One Year Later
04.21.2016Co-Author, "Mediation for Performance Bond Surety"
04.19.2016"(Really) early dispute resolution"
04.13.2016"Are the New Emergency Relief Rules in Arbitration the Death Knell for Court-Ordered Injunctions Pending Arbitration?"
04.07.2016Client Alert: Website Compliance with the ADA - Emerging Threat of Litigation
04.04.2016"International Sales Contracts: Square Peg, Round Hole"
03.30.2016Client Alert: Changes in the European Union
March/April 2016"Encouraging Investment in Small Businesses:  Tax Law Allows Avoidance of Tax on the Sale of a Business," Greater Charotte Biz magazine, March/April 2016
03.07.2016Client Alert: Medicare Clarifies 60 Day Overpayment Rule
March 2016"Celebrating Woment's Leadership-Profiles of AHLA Members," AHLA Connections
02.11.2016"When Worlds Collide: Article 2 of The Uniform Commercial Code and Chapter 11"
02.04.2016"New Life for Intrastate Offerings and More Capital for Small Businesses," Presentation, 34th Annual Federal Securities Institute, Miami, Florida
02.02.2016Bankruptcy Law News: Reclamation or Section 503(b)(9) Claim? - A Potential Trap
February 2016The First Five Steps to Gaining the Entrepreneurial Edge, Femme Rouge, February 2016
01.27.2016Daily Fantasy Sports Firestorm, Ohio Lawyer
01.15.2016Stark Law Update
11.23.2015"What to Do When the Government Comes Calling"
11.23.2015"Your Drivers Are Now Your Employees: Independent Contractors Under the New Labor Paradigm"
11.23.2015"Bridging the Divide:  Cuba Today"
11.23.2015"Preliminary Relief in Arbitration"
11.23.2015"The ObamaCaravan Rolls On: It's Time to Check Your Ticket for 2016 and Beyond"
11.23.2015"Evaluating Your FLSA Compliance in Advance of the 2016 Updates: A Checklist for Employers"
11.23.2015"Regulation of Drones"
11.23.2015"The Sun May Have Set on the Federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, but in the Sunshine State it is the Dawn of a new Statutory Scheme to Protect Tenants"
11.23.2015"FATCA Compliance: Documentation for an Investment Fund"
11.23.2015"Say it Ain't So Barry:"  A Brief Commentary on United States v. Barry Lamar Bonds"
11.03.2015The Hunters Become the Hunted in Daily Fantasy Sports, Part 3, OSBA News
11.02.2015Daily Fantasy Football and the “Sharks vs. Fish” Paradox, Part 2, OSBA News
11.01.2015"The Customer Triangle: Who's At Risk"
November/December 2015"Working on the Chain Gang:  Supply Chain Finance as the New Normal," Greater Charlotte Biz magazine, November/December, 2015
10.22.2015Federal Law and the Birth of Daily Fantasy Sports, Part 1, OSBA News
10.19.2015Co-Author, "Stay in the Game: Part One"
10.07.2015White Paper - Why Daily Fantasy Sports Needs Regulation to Survive
10.01.2015Client Alert: Global Supply Chain Risk - Human Trafficking and Slavery
September 2015"Inspiring Progress" - Mike Taaffe Featured in Femme Rouge article, September 2015
09.09.2015Client Alert: Preferences - Mining the Ordinary Course of Business Defense
09.04.2015Silverback Society Profile: John Burson
September 2015"Goodwill in the Estate and Gift Tax Arena-Now It's Personal!," Estate Planning Magazine
Fall 2015"Knowledge is power: Bankruptcy trustee allowed to establish foundation for business records exception," State-to-State newsletter
August 2015"A Joint Ad “venture” – Women & Franchising," PAFI Press, August 2015
07.30.2015Bankruptcy Law News: Recoupment or Setoff? - A Distinction with a Difference
07.21.2015Client Alert: Amended Petitions Required When Relocating H-1B Employees
07.17.2015"Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender be …,"  Credit Research Foundation CRF News, Second Quarter 2015
07.08.2015"What Fiduciaries Need Ask Service Providers About Cybersecurity," Benefits Magazine.  August 2015:  17-21.
07.08.2015Client Alert - Community Associations: Amendments to Chapters 718 & 720, Florida Statutes
06.30.2015Client Alert: Hurts So Good - US Supreme Court Rejects Attorneys Fees in Chapter 11
06.26.2015Client Alert: New Changes to North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Laws Have Big Impact on Local Businesses
06.09.2015Client Alert: Visa and Passport Delays Expected to Continue
06.09.2015"The Importance of Accredited Investors for Small Business Capital Formation"
06.09.2015"All Appropriate Inquiries": Update on the Environmental Due Diligence Standard
06.09.2015"A Hunt for Justice Erodes the Attorney-Client Privilege"
06.09.2015"Data Breach: Every Business Needs an Elite Goalie"
06.09.2015"Ohio Brightens its Bright-Line Test"
06.09.2015"An Ounce of Agribusiness Prevention is Worth a Pound of Drinking Water Cure"
06.09/2015"The New North Carolina LLC Act as Estate Planning Tool"
06.09.2015"Estate of Elkins v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue:  Cautionary Tale and Gem"
06.05.2015Client Alert: New Florida Law Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure
Summer 2015"It Ain't Over Till It's Over": Supreme Court Deems Orders Denying Confirmation Non-Final, The Cramdown
04.01.2015"Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender be ...¹ "
March 2015"Conducting an Internal I-9 Audit," Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer Magazine
03.01.2015"Reducing a Customer’s Accounts Receivable in the Zone of Insolvency," ICTF World, March 2015
01.30.2015Client Alert: Congress Discusses Federal Data Breach Laws
Winter 2014/2015"A hunt for justice erodes the attorney-client privilege;" Eurofenix, Winter 2014/15
01.22.2015Client Alert: Protect Yourself: Are You Prepared for a Personal Lawsuit?
01.14.2015Client Alert - The Devil is In the Details: What Employers and Businesses Need to Know About President Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration
January 2015Living Well:  Making a Difference in Our Community, Hillsborough County Bar Association Lawyer magazine.
2015"Resolving Disputes in Government Construction Law"
12.17.2014Client Alert - EB-5: A Creative Financing Option for U.S. Developers and Businesses
12.08.2014"A Hunt for Justice Erodes the Attorney-Client Privilege"
12.01.2014"How to Respond When ICE Offers to Help"
12.01.2014"Antitrust Compliance Programs:  Their Need and Operation"
12.01.2014"Staffing Companies and their Clients Face Significant Sales Tax Risk"
12.01.2014"Employment Law Update:  Federal Agency Overreaching - A Trend Without an End"
12.01.2014"Impact of the Windsor Decision on Benefit Plan - Untying the Knots"
12.01.2014"Federal Cause of Action for Trade Secret Theft on the Horizon"
12.01.2014"New Municipal Advisor Rules and Continuing Disclosure Initiative"
12.01.2014"Warranties of Noninfringement and Allocation of Infringement Risk"
12.01.2014"A Derivative Suit by any other Name:  Challenging Manager Actions in Alternative Entities"
11.14.2014Client Alert: Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 - One Of The Strictest Data Breach Statutes in the Nation
11.12.2014Immigration Law:  Channeling Our Inner Atticus Finch, Lawyer Magazine
October 2014"Reducing a Customer's Accounts Receivable in the Zone of Insolvency;" Credit Research Foundation
Autumn 2014"Reducing a Customer’s Accounts Receivable in the Zone of Insolvency;" Eurofenix, Autumn 2014
09.05.2014Client Alert - The Rules of the Game Change As ICE Targets Employers
08.18.2014Client Alert - Keeping Up with the Times: Solving the I-9 Conundrum for Remote Employees
08.06.2014Client Alert - Florida is not Colorado: Health lawyers give you 5 things to consider about medical marijuana.
08.04.2014"Social Media Start-Up Capital:  Don't Try a Ponzi Scheme"
07.31.2014"SEC Modifies MCDC Initiative in Response to Industry Concerns"
07.07.2014"New Municipal Advisor Rules and Continuing Disclosure Initiative"
06.16.2014"Letter of Intent: Gateway to a Deal"
06.09.2014"The Emergence of Uber, Lyft and Sidecar in North Carolina:  An Overview of Key Legal Distinctions Between Digital Dispatch Services and their Traditional Taxicab Competitors"
06.01.2014Eleventh Circuit Denies Rehearing En Banc in McNeal, The Cramdown
05.01/2014"Working on the Chain Gang - Supply Chain Finance as the 'New Normal'"
05.01.2014"Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Implements 'Ability to Repay' Regulations for Covered Mortgage Loans"

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