Shumaker recognizes that effective representation of our clients in appellate matters requires experienced appellate specialists.  Our Appellate Practice Group is available to assist in matters that involve, or are likely to involve, an appeal.  This practice group includes experienced appellate practitioners who have represented clients before the United States Supreme Court and a wealth of state and federal courts throughout the country, including Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio.  Members of the Appellate Practice Group typically work with other Shumaker lawyers who contribute subject-matter expertise in a particular area of law to the appellate representation.

Most often our Appellate Practice Group lawyers act as lead appellate counsel in matters that Shumaker handled in the trial courts, although we also handle appeals of cases tried by other law firms, or serve as co-counsel with other lawyers for the appellate process.  Shumaker recognizes the advantages of having an appellate specialist actively involved in trial court proceedings to assist with framing the legal theories and preserving points for an eventual appeal, and recommends the early involvement of the Appellate Practice Group in any significant litigation.

Shumaker also serves as counsel of record for organizations wishing to participate in appellate proceedings as an amicus curiae, or "friend of the court."

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