With over 80 litigators across five offices, Shumaker is able to successfully represent clients in many different types of litigation matters.  We bring a business emphasis to litigation to accomplish client goals both inside and outside the courtroom.  Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies, mid-market and family businesses, officers and individuals in a wide range of disputes throughout the United States.

What Makes Us Different

We define "winning" as reaching the best result for our clients as efficiently as possible, and we are particularly sensitive to the economic realities of the adversarial process.  Developing the right strategy from the beginning to achieve our clients goals is key.  Our lawyers help clients analyze the risks and benefits of litigation and implement a strategy which may include all aspects of trial preparation, mediation, arbitration, negotiation and other forms of dispute resolution.  Developing the right strategy for each given situation to achieve client objectives is our first priority.

Shumaker litigators use sophisticated trial management, litigation support, database and presentation technology, but never as a substitute for the hard work, strategic approach and commitment needed to resolve disputes.  Our  skills as a trial team are illustrated by the selection of several of our litigators as fellows in the Litigation Counsel of America (an invitation-only honor accorded to less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers) and by team members with Board Certification in such areas as Appellate, Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Civil Trial and Construction law.

We continually look for new ways to add value to the litigation equation, such as our unique Business Backstopsm program, with a menu of streamlined and effective solutions to help businesses deal with uncertainties in challenging economic times.  These programs help our clients avoid disputes by providing them with solid business procedures that become a part of their day-to-day operating procedures.

Our Clients

  • Large, middle-size and small business clients
  • Companies with industry-specific litigation needs, from construction to healthcare
  • Manufacturers and distributors of commercial and consumer products
  • Medical, legal and financial professionals

Why You Benefit

Clients receive the benefits of a skilled and experienced litigation group which offers a variety of litigation services that are typified by these key strengths:

  • Experienced litigators, prepared for court room trial, with access to scalable resources needed to successfully represent our clients in a wide range of disputes.
  • Recognizing that not all matters require pursuit of formal trial proceedings, Shumaker litigators are also skilled at all forms of dispute resolution including:  negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
  • With each dispute, our commercial litigators sit down with the client and discuss goals and expectations.  Then, working together, we develop a strategic plan that has the best chance of maximizing results to achieve your goals. 
  • We are equally effective in the complex issues that require hearing in federal, state or appellate courts, providing lawyers who have pursued significant issues and established new law.

Core Services

  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate compliance and investigation
  • Federal court litigation
  • Fidelity, surety and specialty bonds
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability

Additional Services

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Appellate practice

What You Can Expect from Shumaker

When clients ask Shumaker to represent their interests, we take the time to understand how their business works, know the issues and create a clear and comprehensive strategy.  We work quickly to assess the merits of opposing claims, balance the strength of the allegations against the potential damages and advise clients on the best approach to resolve the dispute.

If trial is the best option, our seasoned trial teams can quickly identify the issues and develop a strategy which affords our clients the best chance of victory in the courtroom. 

More detailed descriptions of our litigation practices and strengths are linked to this description.  Together they illustrate the varied skills Shumaker offers to deal with your litigation needs.

News Releases


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07.18.2014USSC votes for full (though slightly delayed) retroactivity of new reduced drug guidelines
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07.17.2014Newt Gingrich saying again that "backing sensible and proven reforms to the U.S. criminal-justice system is a valuable conservative cause"
07.17.2014Divided en banc Third Circuit announces new approach to preserving procedural sentencing error claims
07.17.2014Lots of notable discussion of yesterday's notable decision striking down California's death penalty
07.17.2014Huge reduced drug guideline retroactivity decision expected from US Sentencing Commission on 7/18
07.16.2014Latest polling shows rich, white, midwestern guys aged 30-44 most likely to favor pot legalization
07.16.2014"Volunteers for Execution: Directions for Further Research into Grief, Culpability, and Legal Structures"
07.16.2014Federal district judge declares California's death penalty unconstitutional under Eighth Amendment
07.15.2014Careful examination of California's "mixed" record with realignment
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07.14.2014Third Circuit approves forcible medication to enable federal sentencing
07.14.2014Former Rep. (and former felon) Duke Cunningham now says "my Democrat colleagues were right and I was wrong on some issues as far as criminal justice"
07.14.2014Fourth Circuit to reconsider en banc its Whiteside ruling concerning reconsideration of guideline errors in 2255
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07.08.2014Senators Paul and Booker introducing another important bipartisan CJ reform bill
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06.29.2014Can and should California's enduring CJ problems be blamed on those who've long opposed a state sentencing commission?
06.28.2014Despite ugly execution, Oklahomans still strongly support death penalty
06.28.2014"Juries and Prior Convictions: Managing the Demise of the Prior Conviction Exception to Apprendi"
06.27.2014Effective review of debate over federal fraud guidelines in preview of another high-profile insider trading sentencing
06.27.2014New York Times op-ed laments Kettle Falls 5 federal marijuana prosecution
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06.23.2014SCOTUS grants cert to resolve split over reach of statutory bank robbery aggravator
06.23.2014SCOTUS rules against defendant concerning required bank fraud intent in Loughrin
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06.22.2014New York Times editorial laments stalled federal sentencing reform
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04.20.2014Gov Chris Christie talking up drug sentencing reform as a pro-life commitment
04.19.2014"Blackstone's Curse: The Fall of the Criminal, Civil, and Grand Juries and the Rise of the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the States"
04.18.2014Effort to repeal death penalty in New Hampshire falls one vote short
04.18.2014Should Prez Obama create a "Presidential Commission on Mass Incarceration"? Who should be on it?
04.17.2014Another bizarre, sad and fatal case of reefer madness?
04.17.2014"Culpability and Modern Crime"
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04.16.2014Denver reporting notable 2014 crime reduction since legal pot sales started
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04.16.2014Critical reflections on the Cantu commutation ... aka why some federal prosecutors perhaps deserve to be demonized



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