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Collaboration with government, government agencies, and legislators is an essential part of any entity’s growth and stability.  Shumaker Advisors recognizes the importance of this strategic insight in all phases of our client’s success.  Being INVOLVED in understanding the needs of our clients and the inner workings of federal, state and local government is a strategic advantage to our clients as they compete for market share, expansion and profitability in today’s ever changing political landscape. 

The Florida group, led by Shumaker partner and business lawyer Ronald Christaldi, president and CEO of Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC, is a public affairs practice providing public and private sector clients services at the federal, state and local levels.

The Ohio group, led by Andrew Herf, President, Shumaker Advisors Ohio, LLC, works closely with clients in the food and beverage, health care, retirement planning, agriculture, environment, general public policy, and related industries, to provide a bridge to government, government agencies and legislators that shape the future of business in these highly regulated markets. 

For information about how Shumaker Advisors can help your business, trade association or group, please contact Ron Christaldi at 813.221.7152 or or Andrew Herf at 614.628.4416 or

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Shumaker Advisors is not engaged in the practice of law or rendering legal advice.

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