Shumaker maintains a sophisticated agribusiness and agriculture cooperative law practice.  Our lawyers are familiar with all aspects of the agriculture industry, enabling us to not just advise on matters as they arise, but also to proactively help our clients avoid problems and identify business opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

Agriculture is a unique industry.  From “A” (administrative law) to “Z” (zoning), agriculture is usually subject to legal requirements that differ from the legal requirements applicable to other large and sophisticated industries.  We have deep experience in the areas that matter most to the agriculture industry including:  real estate; tax; environmental law; sales, distribution and financing; intellectual property and licensing; and government regulation and relations.  We build sustainable relationships with not only our clients, but also the third-parties who have the most impact on our clients’ businesses.  By doing so, we add value to your business and help it grow.

Our Clients

  • Agrichemical manufacturers
  • Citrus Growers
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Facilities (Poultry)
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Facilities (Dairy)
  • Cooperatives
  • Ethanol producers
  • Fertilizer manufacturers
  • Food processors
  • Grain Elevators
  • Seed researchers and developers, manufacturers, and distributors

Why You Benefit

Agriculture is about growth.  Our deep and constantly growing knowledge base and continuous relationships with vendors, lenders, regulators, and other participants in the agriculture industry enables us to address your legal issues in an expeditious and efficient manner, which in turn helps your business to grow.

Examples of Core Services

  • Closed numerous real estate transactions that established our client as one of the largest citrus growers in Florida.
  • Incorporated several of the most successful agricultural cooperatives in the Midwest that provide agronomy, grain, and energy products and services to their members.
  • Obtained permitting from state authorities for the one of the largest fully integrated egg farms in Ohio, which annually produces more than 2 billion eggs.
  • Defended a fertilizer manufacturer in litigation initiated by a railroad after the release of nitrogen fertilizer from a tank car.
  • Defended multiple agribusiness entities against both civil and criminal allegations by government authorities of releases in violation of the Clean Water Act.
  • Advised multiple agribusiness entities on the tax implications of commercial and real estate transactions.
  • Drafted and negotiated numerous agreements to purchase, sell, transport, and store grain and other commodities.
  • Structured, negotiated and drafted customer and supply chain commercial agreements including sales, security and financing agreements or facilities.
  • Represent global, agrichemical and seed company in various commercial litigation and insolvencies regarding customers and the supply chain.
  • Advised multiple clients on labor, employment, and immigration issues arising in the course of their agricultural business.

What you can expect from Shumaker

Our agribusiness attorneys are guided by a commitment to quality, reliability, and community.  Milton Hershey said, “Give them quality.  That’s the best kind of advertising.”  We know that every day our clients in the agriculture industry rise early, work hard, and leave late into order to provide their customers with the highest quality products on the market.  You can count on us to match that commitment to quality and reliability and to always make the interests of your business our highest priority.  We cannot control the weather, but we can manage, and direct and control all of the legal needs that arise from your participation in the agriculture industry.

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