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Shumaker has a rapidly expanding and dynamic national practice, principally involving the representation of coaches and athletic directors at NCAA member institutions, coaches of professional franchises, as well as other sports figures and entertainers.  We serve our clients through a multi-disciplinary team comprised of lawyers with substantial experience in contract and commercial law, immigration, civil litigation, labor and employment, deferred compensation and employee benefit plans, business organizations and transactions, real estate, federal and state taxation, public law, estate planning and probate, intellectual property, and charitable and tax exempt organizations.  In addition, we advise education clients on important issues related to Title IX, including gender equity in athletics.

Our Clients

  • Professional athletes and other entertainers
  • Football, basketball, hockey, and baseball head and assistant coaches in college programs nationwide
  • Coaches of professional sports franchises
  • College and university athletic directors 
  • Conference commissioners
  • Conferences
  • Educational institutions and athletic departments

What makes us different

Together, and in collaboration with our clients’ agents, accountants, financial or other key advisors, we assist in developing clients’ overall career and financial “game plans,” identifying sound strategies for achieving those plans and goals and, finally, ensuring that those strategies are properly implemented. 

Core Services

  • Negotiation, drafting and review of employment agreements.
  • Structuring current and deferred compensation packages, including value added compensation strategies to reward key staff and assistant coaches.
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of licensing, endorsement, marketing and publishing agreements.
  • Advice regarding legal aspects of the organization and operation of summer sports camps, as well as other commercial and business endeavors.
  • Advice regarding rights of privacy and publicity.
  • Advice and protection related to branding and intangible assets, including the evaluation, registration and maintenance of trademarks and copyrights and the enforcement and defense of related rights.
  • Personal and family estate and income tax planning.
  • Charitable/philanthropic activities, including formation and operation of private family foundations.
  • Due diligence and structuring in connection with our clients’ participation in outside business ventures and investments.
  • Advocacy and representation in disputes or investigations.
  • Title IX athletic compliance.
  • Comprehensive training programs, including diversity training, for coaches and administrators.
  • Defense of internal and external complaints, investigations and other employment-related issues.
  • Immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for athletes, entertainers and other industry professionals.

We also have extensive experience in representing public and private owners of arena, ballpark and theatre venues.  In these areas, the scope of our services includes taxable and tax-exempt financing, team leases of facilities, structuring of public-private joint ventures, federal and state tax issues, naming rights agreements and public bidding issues.

News Releases


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08.28.20153d Cir. Requires States to Go "All In" to Establish Legal Sports Gambling Outside Nevada
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07.30.2015O'Bannon Update: Plaintiff's Arguments Against Stay of Injunction
07.21.2015O'Bannon Update: NCAA seeks stay of District Court injunction that would take effect August 1
07.15.2015O'Bannon v. NCAA: Practical Considerations for New Pay-for-Play Rules (Part Two)
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