02.18.2019Client Alert: Clever Trial Tactic Meets Resistance at the South Carolina Court of Appeals
02.11.2019Client Alert: Congress Adds New Criminal Kickback Prohibition that Includes Services Covered by Private Health Plans
01.28.2019Client Alert: Proposed Bill Seeks to More Than Triple the Liability Limits Under the South Carolina Tort Claims Act
01.22.2019Client Alert: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Don’t Wait Until 2020 to Get Started
01.17.2019Client Alert: Florida Health Law Quirks: Guidance for Health Care Businesses Entering Florida
01.03.2019Client Alert: Florida Minimum Wage Increases in 2019
12.27.2018Client Alert: Florida Homestead Exemption
12.20.2018Client Alert: Provider Coding Under Siege by PIP Payers, However, Lessons Learned are Valuable to ALL Healthcare Providers for ALL Payers
12.05.2018Client Alert: FAA: Drone Manufacturers Must Self-Regulate
11.29.2018Client Alert: IRS Proposes New Rules for Hardship Withdrawals
11.26.2018"What Every State Lawmaker Needs to Know About A Sports League’s Property Right to Sports Betting Income," Gaming Law Review, November 2018
11.21.2018"A Rose by Another Name has its Thorns," Eurofenix, Autumn 2018
10.25.2018Client Alert: The Long Arm of the Law: Avoidance Actions Without Borders
10.25.2018Client Alert: NC General Contractor Changes to License Law
10.24.2018Client Alert: Sunshine Act Payment Reporting Expands to Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses  
10.15.2018"Using Employee Classification Exclusions". ASPPA's Fall 2018 issue of Plan Consultant
09.26.2018Client Alert: New Loan Servicing Rules Apply to Persons Who Acquire Interest in Mortgaged Property
09.22.2018"Contracting With Independent Contractors: Issues and Solutions"
09.21.2018"EDR Protocols – public discussion draft"
09.04.2018"Small Captive Insurance Program Exit Planning"
08.07.2018Client Alert: Supreme Court Allows Employers to Prevent Class Action Lawsuits through Properly Drafted Arbitration Agreements
07.26.2018Client Alert: FAQs About Sports Betting Under Ohio Law
07.23.2018"Managing Credit Risk in the Supply Chain," Eurofenix, Spring 2018
07.23.2018"US Chapter 15: Delaware Court Send U.S. Creditor Packing... to Italy," Eurofenix, Summer 2018
07.10.2018"A Rose by Another Name has its Thorns*: Don't Get Stuck in Chapter 11 When a Sales Contract is deemed an Executory Contract"
05.25.2018Client Alert: Mitigating the Consequences of a Data Breach – The Steps You Can Take Right Now
05.25.2018Client Alert: The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation Becomes Effective
05.16.2018"Early Dispute Resolution: Resolving Disputes Within 30 Days of Inception"
04.12.2018Client Alert: Court Puts U.S. EPA, Lake Erie Impairment on the Clock
04.01.2018Client Alert: Dumbing Down Intellectual Property: Chapter 11 Impact on IP License Agreements
03.29.2018Client Alert: Why it is 100x Riskier to Pay College Athletes than it is to Pay NFL Free Agents
03.16.2018Client Alert: U.S. EPA Issues Policy Intended to Ease Pre-Construction Permitting Requirements for New and Modified Industrial and Manufacturing Sources
03.15.2018"Captive Insurance Deskbook for the Business Lawyer". Chicago, Ill.: ABA Section of Business Law, 2018, Editor & Contributor
03.13.2018Client Alert: Skill-Based Amusement Machine Regulation: OCCC Informational Seminars
03.01.2018Arrivederci! Delaware Bankruptcy Court Sends U.S. Vendor Packing … to Italy
03.01.2018Chapter 15: Delaware Court Sends U.S. Creditor Packing . . . to Italy
03.01.2018Aiding Employees After a Disaster Via Sec. 139, Journal of Accountancy Tax Practice Corner (2018)
02.19.2018New Disability Claims Procedures for ERISA Plans Become Effective on April 1, 2018
02.06.2018Client Alert: U.S. EPA Withdraws "Once-In, Always-In" Policy for Sources Regulated Under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act
01.26.2018Client Alert: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ("HHS") Delays Effective and Compliance Date for the Revised Common Rule
01.19.2018Ohio’s Modern Courts Amendment Must Be Amended:  Why and How, 66 Cleveland State Law Review 69 (2017)
01.15.2018Client Alert: AT & T - Time Warner Merger Challenge Might Signal Policy Change on Vertical Mergers
01.10.2018Client Alert: Florida Supreme Court Weighs in on CGL Carriers’ Duty to Defend Chapter 558 Claims
01.08.2018Health Law Alert: Justice Department Issues Memo on Marijuana Enforcement
January 2018Client Alert: Managing Credit Risk in the Supply Chain
01.04.2018So Your Firm or Client had a Data Breach? What Next?
12.14.2017Client Alert:  Handicapping Christie v. NCAA: How will the Supreme Court vote on PASPA?
12.11.2017Bankruptcy Law Update: Preferences and Selected Bankruptcy Issues
12.07.2017"Takata: The Unfortunate Recall," ACC Charlotte Chapter, December 2017 Newsletter
12.05.2017"Lesson Learned:  The Importance of Powers of Attorney," Sharon Towers Connection newsletter
12.01.2017"New Partnership Audit Regime: Opt-Out, Push-Out, or Pay-Up?"
11.17.2017Client Alert: Shorter Deadline for Filing Bankruptcy Claims and Other Changes to Bankruptcy Rules Starting December 1st
11.15.2017Client Alert: The New AIA (2017) Documents
11.13.2017Client Alert: Florida Minimum Wage to Increase in 2018
11.03.2017Client Alert:  Reform the Federal Sports Betting Excise Tax "Dilemma"
11.01.2017Client Alert: CAFOs: Protect Against Future Liability; Make Continuous Release Report on November 15
November 2017Co-Author, "Wills:  North Carolina State Q&A," Thomson Reuters Practical Law Resource
November 2017Co-Author, "Probate:  North Carolina State Q&A," Thomson Reuters Practical Law Resource
November 2017Co-Author, "Revocable Trusts:  North Carolina State Q&A," Thomson Reuters Practical Law Resource
10.30.2017Avrahami v. Commissioner: Tax Court Disallows Deductions for Captive Insurance Premiums, LISI Asset Protection Planning Newsletter #353
10.17.2017Client Alert: Administrator Pruitt Issues a Directive to Eliminate “Sue and Settle” Agreements in Environmental Regulation
10.10.2017Client Alert: Congress Provides More Hurricane Relief for Employees and Employers
Fall 2017Avrahami v. Commissioner: The Much Anticipated First Case Examining the Validity of a Microcaptive Insurance Company, Feature Article, Insurance Coverage Law Report, National Underwriter Company (FC&S Legal)
October 2017Co-author, "Nipping It in the Bud: Effective Early Evaluation and Resolution of Franchise Disputes," American Bar Association 40th Forum on Franchising
09.25.2017Client Alert: How Employers Can Aid in Hurricane Irma Recovery
09.20.2017Client Alert: FTC Gives Guidance in Slaying the Data Breach Dragon
09.18.2017Client Alert: Supreme Court Settles Debate in Florida in Favor of Protection of Referral Sources Under Non-Compete Statute at Least in Some Circumstances
September 2017Client Alert: Vendor Section 503(b)(9) Administrative Priority Claims: When Goods are Received is Critical
08.29.2017Client Alert: Avrahami v. Commissioner: An Important Ruling on Microcaptive Structures
08.22.2017Client Alert: North Carolina Court of Appeals Issues Important Opinion on Commercial Lease Guaranties
08.21.2017"What to Know and Do About the New Partnership Audit Rules Now," Tax Notes (July 2017)
August 2017"The Kings River Captive Insurance Case," ABA Tax Times, Vol. 36 No. 4
07.31.2017Client Alert: New Notice Requirements and Penalties Added to St. Petersburg’s Wage Theft Ordinance
07.26.2017Client Alert: New Amazon Brand Registry Released – A Tool for Brand Protection
07.26.2017"Proposition 65 Amendments Require Re-evaluation of Products and Warnings"
07.26.2017"Privacy Compliance Driven by the European Union"
07.26.2017"Employee 'No Poaching' Agreements Meet the Antitrust Laws: Protection of Employees in the New Economy"
07.26.2017"Mitigating Regulatory Risks Affecting the Wood and Furniture Industries: The Lacey Act"
07.26.2017"Tax Reform Update"
07.26.2017"Environmental Law: What to Expect from President Trump's Administration"
07.26.2017"The Uniform Voidable Transactions Act in a Nutshell"
07.25.2017Client Alert: Getting Ready for the New EEO-1 Report
07.24.2017Client Alert: Eleventh Circuit Declines to Reconsider Sexual Orientation Discrimination Decision; Plaintiff Will Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court
07.21.2017Client Alert: Feds Shine a Light on Medicare Advantage Plans and Physicians Related to Risk Adjustment Practices
07.18.2017Client Alert: Revised Form I-9 is Now Available for Use
07.13.2017Client Alert: The First Six Months of the Trump Administration: Will Trump Successfully Deregulate U.S. EPA?
July/August 2017"Resolving Disputes by Expert Determination: What Happens When Parties Select Appraisers, Accountants, or Other Technical Experts to Decide Disputes," The Florida Bar Journal (Vol. 91, No. 7)
July/August 2017"Holdover Tenants: Managing End of Lease Liability," HCBA Lawyer magazine
2017"Toward a Workable Standard for Appointing a Patient Care Ombudsman," 48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 367
06.30.2017Client Alert: 2017 Legislative Changes to the Florida Condominium Act  
06.29.2017Client Alert: Changes to Financial Reporting Requirements for Associations
06.20.2017Client Alert:  Effects of Florida’s New Medical Marijuana Framework on Patients, Physicians, and Entrepreneursi
06.19.2017Client Alert: Community Associations’ Estoppel Certificates
06.19.2017"Transfirst Group, Inc. v. Magliarditi: U.S. District Court Holds that Nevada Law Permits Piercing of Nevada, LLLs, Nevada Partnerships, and Nevada Trusts," LISI Asset Protection Planning Newsletter #344
06.15.2017Introducing Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC
06.09.2017"Attorney Claims PASPA Has Loophole," GamblingCompliance
06.07.2017Client Alert: Top Ten Urban Legends of Intellectual Property
06.06.2017Client Alert: Florida’s Sales Tax Reduction Requires Commercial Lease Parties to Recalculate Their Rent Schedules
06.01.2017Client Alert: Chapter 15: A Sword and A Shield
05.24.2017Client Alert: Lease Drafting: Recover All Your Attorney Fees and Costs in an Eviction Action

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