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11.29.2011"Estate Planning News Alert"
11.18.2011"Environmental Enforcement: Defendants Liable Until Proven Otherwise?"
11.09.2011"Estate Planning News Alert"
10.19.2011"Can Nurses Provide Medical Causation Opinions?"
10.01.2011"Setoff: A 100% Solution"; Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP Legal Update
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08.29.2011"Ethics and Professionalism: How Do We Know? Assembling and Monitoring a Plan's Investment Team"
08.19.2011"Don't Go Changing (My Date of First Work): The NC Court of Appeals Upholds Contractor Lien Rights"
07.27.2011"If You Pay For A Work To Be Developed, Do You Own The Copyright?"
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04.13.2011"When is the Surety Liable for Attorneys' Fees and Interest on Miller Act Payment-Bond Claims?"
04.01.2011"Yes Virginia, You Must Prove The Note…And The Mortgage Too: Proof Problems in the Foreclosure Setting"
03.25.2011"The Transition Game: Getting it Right"
03.16.2011"N.C. Court of Appeals Interprets Revised Costs Statutes"
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07.06.2010"Can We Resolve Franchise Disputes Faster, Cheaper, and Better?"
05.2010"Parallel IRS (and Other) Civil and Criminal Proceedings Now Intersect"
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04.14.2010"Men Behaving Badly: What are the Surety's Defenses to the Obligee's Latent-Defect Claims When the Principal and Obligee's Employees Act Fraudulently?"
04.13.2010"How to Effectively Use Florida's Wage Garnishment Statutes"
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09.01.2009"Judge Nelly Khouzam Elevated to the Second District Court of Appeal"
09.01.2009"Passing Stolen Company Checks: Is it a Forgery, and When Does it Occur?"
08.20.2009"Keeping Up With the FMLA: A Prescription for Compliance"
08.20.2009"Employer Booster Shot: Update on Recent Employment Law Changes," Presented at the 2009 An Ounce of Prevention: A Management Check Up for Executives and Human Resources Professionals, paper and lecture
06.01.2009"Health Information Privacy Protection After the Stimulus Bill"
06.01.2009"Proceed with Caution When Making Health-Related Inquiries"
05.01.2009"Overview of Employment Retaliation Claims in North Carolina"
04.30.2009"Reclamation and §503(B)(9): Issues in the Aftermath of Phar-Mor v. McKesson"
04.16.2009"Employee Cooperative as a Plan for Business Succession"
04.01.2009"North Carolina Legislature Considers New Employment Laws"
April 2009"The COBRA Subsidy in the Stimulus Package: What It Is and What You Need to Do Now," Employment Law Strategist
03.01.2009"Distressed Customer Checklist"; Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP Legal Update
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02.01.2009"Overview of the North Carolina Persons With Disabilities Protection Act"
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09.17.2008"Avoid Getting Entangled in a Debtor's Web: Obtaining Information from the Debtor"
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09.01.2008"Immigration Legislation Alert"
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06.01.2008"Introduction to North Carolina Employment Security Law"
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