04.10.2008"Revisiting Chapters 255 and 713, Florida Statutes: Ignorance IS an Excuse!"
04.01.2008"Overview of Employment Contracts in North Carolina"
04.01.2008Co-Author, "Navigating the Labyrinth: Practical Issues Arising When Litigating AIA A312 Performance Bond Claims," Presented at the 19th Annual Southern Fidelity & Surety Claims Conference (paper and lecture)
03.01.2008"Board Certification in Appellate Practice: A Rewarding Endeavor"
03.01.2008"Problems with Obtaining FMLA and Wage-and-Hour Releases"
02.12.2008"He's Not a Doctor but He Played One on TV: HIPAA Privacy Lessons Learned (by Hospitals and OCR) from George Clooney"
02.11.2008"Amended FTC Franchise Rule Affects Franchisees: Right of Franchise Association Disclosure Takes Effect in '08"
02.01.2008"Vacation Benefits and North Carolina Law"
12.04.2007"I-9 Form News Bulletin"
11.19.2007"I-9 Form and Domestic Violence Leave Law - Regional News Bulletin"
11.01.2007"Employee Incentive Pay and Bonus Plans"
10.10.2007"FTC Rule Revision Benefits Independent Franchisee Associations"
10.09.2007"Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee: The Lure of Floating Forum Selection Clauses"
09.19.2007Co-Author, "Inoculating Your Business Against An Outbreak: I-9 Compliance," Presented at An Ounce of Prevention: A Management Checkup for Executives and Human Resource Professionals (paper and lecture)
09.01.2007Co-Author, "Demystifying the Surety Corporate Representative Deposition: Knowing How to Select Your Corporate Representative," Presented at the 18th Annual Northeast Fidelity & Surety Claims Conference (paper and lecture)
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