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01.28.2019Client Alert: Proposed Bill Seeks to More Than Triple the Liability Limits Under the South Carolina Tort Claims Act
01.22.2019Client Alert: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Don’t Wait Until 2020 to Get Started
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12.27.2018Client Alert: Florida Homestead Exemption
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09.21.2018"EDR Protocols – public discussion draft"
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05.25.2018Client Alert: Mitigating the Consequences of a Data Breach – The Steps You Can Take Right Now
05.25.2018Client Alert: The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation Becomes Effective
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04.01.2018Client Alert: Dumbing Down Intellectual Property: Chapter 11 Impact on IP License Agreements
03.29.2018Client Alert: Why it is 100x Riskier to Pay College Athletes than it is to Pay NFL Free Agents
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03.01.2018Chapter 15: Delaware Court Sends U.S. Creditor Packing . . . to Italy
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02.19.2018New Disability Claims Procedures for ERISA Plans Become Effective on April 1, 2018
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01.04.2018So Your Firm or Client had a Data Breach? What Next?
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11.13.2017Client Alert: Florida Minimum Wage to Increase in 2018
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09.18.2017Client Alert: Supreme Court Settles Debate in Florida in Favor of Protection of Referral Sources Under Non-Compete Statute at Least in Some Circumstances
September 2017Client Alert: Vendor Section 503(b)(9) Administrative Priority Claims: When Goods are Received is Critical
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07.26.2017"Privacy Compliance Driven by the European Union"
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07.26.2017"Environmental Law: What to Expect from President Trump's Administration"
07.26.2017"The Uniform Voidable Transactions Act in a Nutshell"
07.25.2017Client Alert: Getting Ready for the New EEO-1 Report
07.24.2017Client Alert: Eleventh Circuit Declines to Reconsider Sexual Orientation Discrimination Decision; Plaintiff Will Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court
07.21.2017Client Alert: Feds Shine a Light on Medicare Advantage Plans and Physicians Related to Risk Adjustment Practices
07.18.2017Client Alert: Revised Form I-9 is Now Available for Use
07.13.2017Client Alert: The First Six Months of the Trump Administration: Will Trump Successfully Deregulate U.S. EPA?
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06.19.2017Client Alert: Community Associations’ Estoppel Certificates
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05.19.2017Client Alert: “Say it Ain’t So Barry:” A Brief Commentary on United States v. Barry Lamar Bonds and the Elusive Definition of Obstruction of Justice
05.12.2017Client Alert: Medical Marijuana - Florida Legislative Update
05.11.2017Client Alert: Unable to Open For Business After Its Permit Was Denied, Tenant Nonetheless Ordered to Pay Entire Accelerated Lease Amount
05.05.2017"Chapter 15 and Cross-Border Insolvency"
05.04.2017Client Alert: Kmart Bankruptcy, Part Deux
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04.13.2017Client Alert: Eleventh Circuit Denies Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim, but Is This the Final Word?
04.11.2017Client Alert: Changes Brewing? How North Carolina's ABC Omnibus Legislation (House Bill 500) Would Affect Your Business
03.31.2017"The Chapter 11 Vendor Game Changer: Section 503(b)(9) Claims
03.23.2017Client Alert: Supreme Court Finds Cheerleading Uniforms Copyrightable in Landmark Apparel Copyright Case
03.17.2017Client Alert: Construction Liens in Florida – The Timing and Manner of Perfection are Critical
02.21.2017Client Alert: Captive Insurance on 2017 IRS “Dirty Dozen” Listing
02.17.2017Client Alert: Florida Passes the Florida Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
02.13.2017Client Alert: Florida Supreme Court Broadens Patient Access to Adverse Incident Reports
02.13.2017Client Alert:  Fourth DCA Reverses Itself in Ober, Restores Certainty with Foreclosures
02.09.2017"Why Should I Register My Trademarks?"
01.31.2017Supreme Court's Wetlands Decision Pays Off For Business
01.20.2017Client Alert: New Revenue Procedure 2017-13 Provides Clarification of Safe Harbors for Management Contracts of Tax-Exempt Financed Facilities
01.12.2017Client Alert: Issue Price Regulations
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12.29.2016"EPA Initiates Development Processes for TSCA Amendments"
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11.07.2016"Is 'Micro-Captive' Insurer Guidance the IRS's Nuclear Option?" Daily Tax Report (BNA)
11.04.2016Client Alert: Florida Supreme Court Rules that Dismissal of Foreclosure Action Returns Parties to their Pre-Foreclosure Action Status, and Resets Accrual Date for Statute of Limitations Purposes
11.02.2016Client Alert: CMS Releases Final CY 2017 Hospital Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Center Payment Rule
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10.28.2016"Early Dispute Resolution - The Basics"
10.21.2016Client Alert: CFPB’s Structure is Unconstitutional, D.C. Circuit Court Holds
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08.24.2016Client Alert: New Safe Harbors for Management Contracts of Tax-Exempt Financed Facilities
08.22.2016Client Alert: OCR Blitzkrieg: Wider Investigation of Smaller Breaches
08.16.2016Client Alert: The Physics of Wellness at Work
08.12.2016Client Alert: OSC Issues Guidance to Employers Related to Immigration Questions During the Hiring Process
08.11.2016Client Alert: Medicare Home Health Payment Update: Florida and Other States are Required to Submit Their Home Health Claims for Pre-Claim Review
08.11.2016"Is Your Business Franchisable?: An Alternative Method For Business Enterprise Growth"
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06.29.2016"The Ubiquitous Most Favored Nations Clause: Old Wine in New Bottles"
06.29.2016"New Life for Intrastate Offerings and More Capital for Small Businesses"
06.29.2016"Recent Legislation will Require Changes to Most Partnership and Operating Agreements"
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06.29.2016"False Claims Act Penalties"
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05.12.2016Client Alert: New Federal Trade Secrets Law Brings Major Implications for Trade Secret Owners and Their Employees
05.04.2016Client Alert: CMS Issues Rule Proposing New Approach to Paying Clinicians for Value and Quality
05.02.2016Client Alert: Employers Should Begin Preparing for New Overtime Rules
04.25.2016Client Alert:  A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME - Implications for Brand Owners of Proposed Rule Changes in the TTAB and the Actual Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision in B&B Hardware One Year Later
04.21.2016Co-Author, "Mediation for Performance Bond Surety"
04.19.2016"(Really) early dispute resolution"
04.13.2016"Are the New Emergency Relief Rules in Arbitration the Death Knell for Court-Ordered Injunctions Pending Arbitration?"
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