Professional Liability

At Shumaker, our professional liability lawyers are experienced and skilled in helping professionals understand and defend against accusations of professional negligence. Our lawyers approach every case with the knowledge that malpractice cases are frustrating, time-consuming and have the potential to tarnish reputations. As a result, we respond quickly to allegations of malpractice by meeting with the targeted professional and developing a strategy for a successful resolution.

We have years of experience representing physicians, dentists, hospitals, lawyers and accountants in cases of professional negligence. However, our experience alone is not enough for success. Since tort reform is constantly in a state of flux, our professional liability lawyers regularly attend and present at seminars discussing the law and strategies that apply in professional malpractice cases.

Our experience has taught us that the area of professional malpractice defense is ever changing and that successful lawyers need to stay up-to-date to keep up with changing strategies adopted by plaintiffs' attorneys. To assist with this effort, our professional liability lawyers and paralegal staff regularly make use of Internet resources that allow us to obtain and share information about case preparation, expert witnesses and trial strategies with attorneys from throughout the country.

Our approach to professional malpractice defense is cooperative. We encourage professionals to ask questions and participate in their own defense. We believe that success in defending against professional negligence claims requires an understanding of the substantive area at issue. With our experience, our record of success and our ability to make use of the latest in technology, our professional liability lawyers are able to provide an aggressive yet cost-effective defense.

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