Commercial Transactions

Our commercial transaction lawyers handle all types of business transactions, including sales and leases of goods and intangible personal property, all types of credit transactions, and payment transactions (checks, funds transfers, letters of credit, etc.). Our experience in this area includes the following types of transactions:

  • Documentation of sales of tangible property including warranty matters.
  • Transactions involving all types of receivables and negotiable instruments.
  • Representation of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, including structuring of distribution systems, preparation of distributor agreements, preparation of standard forms, warranty matters, and handling troubled contracts with suppliers and customers.
  • Asset acquisitions of businesses.
  • Negotiation and counseling concerning letters of credit, standby letters of credit, and other credit enhancements.
  • Credit transactions of various types, including asset-based loans, currency swaps, equipment leases, and commercial loans.
  • Representation of warehouses, including grain elevators.
  • Counseling and litigation regarding any of the listed items and funds transfers, payment systems, negotiable instruments, and fraud and embezzlement matters.

We also provide counseling and litigation support services regarding consumer credit laws, consumer sales practice laws, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and similar consumer regulations.

Because we have been fortunate to represent companies that engage in national and international business, we have substantial experience in transactions that involve compliance with the laws of multiple states and countries. We have also structured transactions in highly specialized fields that require a resolution of unique issues, such as loans to retrofit buildings with energy savings equipment. In certain regulated industries, such as transportation and health care, members of other departments of our firm coordinate with us to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory matters peculiar to those industries.

By using computerized forms as a starting point for many transactions, we are able to streamline our services and permit our clients and their in-house counsel to handle many transactions directly. 

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